Monday, February 28, 2011

I couldn't say it better


Monday, February 7, 2011

Quitting Cigarettes and Twitter

Well I finally decided to quit smoking...again...and Twitter.
Why quit smoking? Well, I have tried six times in the past because I should quit. After my heart complications mentioned in this post, the fact that I'm winded when I walk the five minutes to school and I'm the only one in my social group who smokes regularly, I decided I actually wanted to quit. Wanting to quit is 80% of the battle, so I'm told. I have been going on walks of varying length, chewing crappy Korean gum, making a plethora of cups of herbal tea and, when all else fails, rolling around on the ground in the fetal position cursing God and everyone. The first night of my cold-turkey approach, last Saturday, I went out with a few friends in Yecheon for a couple of drinks. If I had ever had a 100% chance of lighting up, the conditions were perfect then and I still obstained. Having that kind of a mile stone anchoring the effort right away has actually boosted my resolve not to lose that achievement.
In an effort to be more productive and not rely on time killing habits, I have decided to eschew Twitter for a while as well. Fewer and fewer of my friends are on it and it has become a way to kill time more so than the useful social networking tool I found it to be a while ago. It used to make sense but not anymore. That's for another post.
And as I sit back down to finish this post after lunch, I feel good about not smoking even though my co-teacher and I used to have a smoke everyday at this time. I still joined him but had a mint instead and, walking back into the building, I felt good about my decision.
So which is more addictive? I have gone 3.5 days without a smoke and have not been able to get off of Twitter. I decided to compromise with the little voice in my head and top out my tweets at 3,000 first (I have two more to go) so today will (hopefully) be the day.