Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Internet Phone Calls to the US and Canadian Cell Phones and Landlines

Hey all,
I was poking around some settings and have discovered a free way for people here in Korea (or in any country for that matter) to call US and Canadian landlines and cell phones for free until the end of the year.
What you need:

  1. A free Gmail account
  2. Hotspot Shield (Mac or PC), a free web proxy
First, you need to download and install Hotspot Shield.
  1. Install and launch Hotspot Shield. Once installed, click the red badge and click "connect".
  2. After clicking "connect", a browser tab will open up and show that it is trying to connect. Basically what it is doing is dialing into a server in California. That server will then access whatever web services you choose so it looks like all your web traffic is being generated in California, not, for example, in Korea. 
  3. If you successfully connect, the red badge from before will turn green. You can now close the tab or window with the connection information.
  4. Next, log into your gmail account. You must make sure that English (US) is your selected language. To check, click on the Settings link on the top right of the Gmail web page. Next, find "Language:" and select English (US) from the drop down menu. Next, scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes".
  5. Go back to your inbox and make sure chat is enabled. In the chat window, there should now be a phone icon. Click the phone icon. You may need to install a small piece of software. Follow the instructions if it needs to be installed.
  6. When the phone icon is clicked, a dial pad will be displayed. Simply dial the number you wish to call and it will place the call from your computer free of charge to any number in the US or Canada. Keep in mind, Hotspot Shield must be active and connected for this to work.
If you have any questions, let me know. I'm happy to help.