Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creative Fiction With My First Year A-Class

I decided to try a little experiment, inspired by a the theater sports game, and divided my class into two teams. Each team received one piece of paper. The first student started by writing "Once upon a time" and finished the sentence. That student then passed the paper to the next student and that student had to write a second sentence. Each student had to add a sentence to the story to further the plot and the story had to comply with the Aristotelian plot structure (I just told them a beginning, conflict and end). I promised them that the winning team will recieve a pretty bodacious prize. Here are the stories they wrote, unedited.

Team 1

Once upon a time, there lived three people whose names are Jack, Brian and Ann. Jack is kind, Brian is strong and Ann is smart. They want go on a picnic. So, they go to picnic on the mountain. Suddenly, three wolves appeared and threatened them. The three people shouted loudly. "Oh my God"! Jack said "Hey, come on. We can solve the problem together but they bark more loudly. Brian you are strong! You can kill them. Suddenly, Brian began to kill all even Jack and Ann. Now he survive alone so he climbed down. He finally suicide and there was nobody, just blood.

Team 2

Once upon a time, a old man went to the street. He looked a woman who is pretty, glamorous, sexy. So he approached her but she was very old woman. But she it look like young woman, and he fall in love. He went her home and shouted her name loudly, but she wasn't answering. He shouted in front of her house for 1 month, but it was another person's house. So the old man go to the street, where he met the old woman and making house on the street for waiting old woman every day, but he never see old woman because she died one month ago. But he don't know she died. He heard her death. So he was so sorry that he killed himself and his neighbor made a grave.

I love the creativity but it's dark they both independently ended in suicide. I took the opportunity to to teach them the expression "dark humor".