Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colin in Yecheon...AGAIN!

As I sit here typing this at Yoger Presso, my brother is sitting across from me, reading. This feels like the old days at Hard Times on Riverside, though arguably the cafe is better lit and is playing K-Pop (neither of which are good things). I have seen him three times this year, a record, damn near.
I met up with him in ?? (Cheongju) where he was staying with a Korean friend he met in China. We met up near the bus terminal and we spotted each other from across a busy street. We both went to the nearest crosswalk and as we waited for the lights to change, he was gearing up to dart out into the street as soon as the traffic cleared. I LOVE the way he hugs; it doesn't matter if it's been five days, five months or five days. Before he darted at me like a magnet, his yellow, longish hair waived in the breeze, his torso rocked with energy. The the light turned green. I love the hugs I get every time.
We spent an evening in Cheongju with his friend, Sunny and then came back to Yecheon together. We have spent time with friend whom he has met before and friends I have made since his last visit last August. Last night, I took him to ?? (Andong) to see the city to which I will move next month. There, he, Zach and I went to HomePlus (like WalkMart) and then went my Ryan's (the dude in my band) house for some beers and dry, broken up ramen chunks. Once Hayoung got off work, we all went out to ???? (shabu shabu), a kind of make-your-own-soup at your table restaurant. Afterwards, my other bandmate Jonno showed up and we all went out to a local park and played guitar for about an hour and a half. I really wanted Colin to hear us play and I think he had a good time (he danced a wild dance to a couple songs). I love playing in public in Korea. Koreans are typically too shy to do it but they always appreciate it if other people are doing it. We drew a bit of a crowd but the best part of all was singing the last song of the night, "The Weight" by The Band, a Korean kid came up to us as sang along with the last chorus. He had no idea what the words were but he was really into the music!
Today, Colin showed me some of his artwork and we're going to go back through and look at the pictures I took in China, I think.
Right now I am happy. That's enough.