Saturday, January 19, 2013

Max R&B - a novel, my novel

I am pleased to announce the publication of my novel, Max R&B.

Description by Zach MacDonald

Max Arenbee is a young Minnesotan man on the verge of disillusionment. Armed with a cookie-cutter bachelor's degree, a casual girlfriend, a pot stash and a job at one of the decreasing number of local record stores surviving the blitz of download culture, he finds himself restless and longing for fulfillment. Rarely without a song in his head, Max’s true passion, music, helps him cope with his day to day; within song lyrics he attempts to capture and understand his own thoughts, situations and inner turmoil as he struggles to gain an idea of who he is and what he really wants out of his life. Through music he escapes in daydreams to other cities and locales, anywhere, in fact, but Minneapolis. The grind seems hopeless, but when Max meets the beautiful Isabella, recently returned home from Peace Corps service in Namibia, his life and perceptions will be fundamentally changed.
Weaving a modern tale of the detachment and instability felt by many young Americans, with a clear love for the power of music to communicate across time and space, Stanhill brings Minnesota and its beating, seasonal heart to life. It is a story that explores the desire for love and belonging, and one man’s discovery of where home truly lies.

Max R&B is now available in three ebook formats for USD$.99 (USD&2.99 outside the U.S. and Canada).

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook

Apple iBookstore

Over the last year I have worked and reworked the novel, my brother Colin Stanhill edited it, my friend Kyle Raum designed a beautiful cover for the novel and Zach MacDonald provided excellent feedback with peer reviews. I could not have accomplished this level of publication, quality and pride without them.
As always, if you read the novel, please write a review (good and bad welcome but please be constructive) on the website from which you purchased the work. Happy reading!

Free PDF

Free PDF!? That's right! While I encourage readers to read the novel on either the Kindle or the Nook because the formatting makes them much easier and convenient to read, I am putting the text, in its original format, up for free. If you have an ereader, please consider supporting the months of time and effort I put into this project and put $.99 towards a cup of coffee for me :-)